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Posted by in Health, Training on Jul 21, 2012 .
Bodybuilding & Nutrition during Ramadan

All of us know that muscle building does not only rely on your training, but also on your nutrition; what you feed your muscles for the rest of the day. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar and Muslims around the world will spend the daylight hours in a complete fast.

Most will think that building muscle during Ramadan will be impossible and you should be considered lucky if your muscles do not shrink. This is true if you do not have a proper nutrition plan designed for this period. Therefore, muscle building during Ramadan is still possible and very doable with proper nutrition and training.

Posted by in Training on May 31, 2012 .
The BIG 3 Compound Exercises!

The Big 3; bench press, squat and deadlift are regarded as the 3 main movements which should be included in a bodybuilder’s workout. These compound movements work most of the major muscle groups & are said to be the best in triggering growth hormone production for bigger & stronger overall body muscles!



Bench press is probably the most popular workout among men. It targets the upper and lower chest, front delts (shoulders) and also triceps. A few grip variation:

Wide grip: Focus on outside of the pecs

Regular grip: Focus on the pectoral as a whole

Narrow grip: Focus on tricep, shoulders and inner...

Posted by in Training on May 30, 2012 .
Biggest Secret to Bigger Muscles

Have you ever seen “upper-bodybuilders” at the gym? Upper-bodybuilders are people who never train their legs. Their workouts consist only of chest, biceps, shoulders, triceps & abs workout. They have large upper bodies with chicken legs (which are usually covered by knee length shorts/long pants). They only train muscles which are easily seen (upper body) to appear big and muscular. To them, training legs is useless because it serves no purpose to making them look bigger & better, and no one notices them anyway.

Huge mistake. Here’s why you MUST train your legs:


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