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Frequently Asked Questions (Whey Protein & Mass Gainer)
  1. What is the difference between whey protein and mass gainer?

The only difference is that mass gainer contains more calories than regular whey protein (with larger amounts of carbs and fats to boost one’s calorie intake). Both serve to aid muscle recovery & promote muscle growth.

  1. What would suit me if I want to build muscles?

Depending on how fast & efficient you want to build muscles. If you are someone who doesn’t gain weight easily and want to build a significant amount of muscle mass, a mass gainer would be suitable for you. If you want slow gains with controlled body fat percentage, a whey protein would...

Posted by in Supplementation on May 31, 2012 .
Mass Gainer Quick Facts

Quick facts about mass gainer:

  1. Mass gainer is also known as “high calorie protein shake”.
  2. Mass gainer serves the same purpose as whey protein in terms of aiding muscle recovery AND it contains a significantly larger amount of calories than regular whey protein.
  3. Mass gainers have added carbs and fats to boost the calorie intake.
  4. Mass gainer is most useful for "hardgainers" who have trouble gaining weight or muscle and need extra calories. Hardgainers typically have very fast metabolisms and require extensive amounts of calories to add weight. Most hardgainers can not gain weight consuming solid food...

Posted by in Supplementation on May 31, 2012 .
Whey Protein Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about whey protein:

  1. One of 2 types of protein that comes from milk (the other being casein protein).
  2. When the milk is being turned into cheese, the whey protein is a by-product.
  3. Is a soluble, very easy to digest protein.
  4. No foods contain actual whey protein (only found in protein powders, protein bars and some drinks)
  5. Functions of whey protein include:
  1. Increase lean muscle mass
  2. Decrease muscle recovery time (faster muscle repair)
  3. Reduce post-workout muscle breakdown
  4. Also works as an antioxidant to boost the body's immune system.
  1. Whey...

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