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Lush Whey Protein 80 1kg

Lush Whey Protein 80 1kg
Lush Whey Protein 80 1kg Lush Whey Protein 80 1kg Lush Whey Protein 80 1kg Lush Whey Protein 80 1kg
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40 SERVES (per kg)
PER SERVE: 20gm  Protein  |  6gm BCAA   
Pure premium whey protein concentrate derived from fresh milk
- Low carbs & fat
- 80% protein content per serve
- 20% more BCAA content than leading brands
- Aids muscle size growth, definition & recovery
- For controlled weight loss
- Vegetarian friendly
- Identity Preserved (IP) Non-GMO lecithin
Undenatured whey protein concentrate packed with over 80% protein per serve. Sourced from some of the largest diary producers in Europe.
Has over 20% more BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) than some leading brands. This is because while most (85%+) whey out in the market is produced as a byproduct of cheese making, Whey Protein 80 is derived directly from fresh milk, resulting in more leucine and higher PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score). Absolutely no unwanted fillers or stimulants and instantized to easily mix with a spoon. Deliciously drinkable on its own – and versatile enough to make your own shakes or cook with. Whey Protein 80 is gram for gram perhaps the best value source of protein out there. 
Taste profile: Neutral and clean, similar to skim milk. The unflavoured version is unsweetened.
Ultrafiltrated Whey Protein Concentrate, flavouring (for flavoured versions only), Soy Lecithin, Sucralose (for flavoured versions only).
Take 2 level scoops (scoop included) for 1 serving. Consume with water or milk or add to your favorite food and beverages. Adjust intake according to your own individual needs. 
Each scoop yields about 12.5gm of protein powder. For example: you may wish to take 2.5 scoops per serve (instead of 2) – which will yield 24gm Protein & 7.5gm BCAA per serve etc.
Q. Who should take / benefit from Whey Protein 80?
A. Anyone involved in sports – bodybuilders, strength athletes, endurance athletes and those on a weight loss diet. Also suitable as a supplement for those with increased protein needs and to persons who are unable to achieve sufficient protein requirement with their normal diet.
Q. What benefits can I expect from taking Whey Protein 80?
A. Whilst your body is in a catabolic state after exercise, Whey Protein 80 gives your body a boost of rapidly digestible protein that gives your muscles the nutrients they need to repair and regrow. Of course results vary between individuals dependent on numerous factors such as your diet / workout etc. – Generally, Whey Protein 80 helps to increase lean muscle mass, support an increased metabolic rate and also aid reduced muscle breakdown post exercise.
Q. When should I take LushProtein Whey Protein 80?
A. Depending on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend taking Whey Protein 80 immediately upon waking up, 30 minutes pre workout, immediately after your workout and any other time during the day when you require additional protein intake.
Q. How much Whey Protein 80 should I take?
A. It depends on your personal needs, conventionally it is recommended that you take 2g of protein per KG of body weight, so adjust your intake accordingly. Asian diets in general are rich in carbs (noodles, rice etc.) but lacking in protein.
Q.Why do I need to take Whey Protein 80?
A. Protein is absolutely essential for the repair and regrowth of your muscles. Endurance athletes need it for muscular repair to combat over training while strength athletes need it for muscular growth and to increase muscle mass. Athletes and people who train need more protein to cope with the demands of training / competition.
Q. Are there any side effects from taking Whey Protein 80?
A. As with most foods, If you don’t burn the excess calories that come with the additional protein, it may lead to increased body fat. We have not heard of any side effects from taking Whey Protein 80 other than maybe increased flatulence in some individuals! If you are allergic to dairy proteins, please consult your doctor prior to consuming any type of whey protein.  

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