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Nanox Conquest-V6 2kg

Nanox Conquest-V6 2kg
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Conquest-V6® contains a novel high graded vegetable protein isolate derived from yellow peas and concentrated to a 90% pure protein powder. Due to a unique extraction and purification process, the product becomes highly soluble, easy to digest and to absorb.

A remarkable amino-acid profile:
Conquest-V6® satisfies nearly all the needs of essential amino acids with a particularly high content in lysine and arginine. The level of branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) in the product is higher than in other vegetable proteins and is comparable to those in milk and egg protein. BCAA’s are of interest in sport foods because they allow maintenance of muscle tissue during intensive exercise.
Compared to other vegetable proteins and milk proteins, Conquest-V6® also is a good source of glutamic acid. Strenuous exercise may be associated with immune suppression an thus increased risk of infections. Glutamine appears to be an important amino acid involved in the functioning of the immune system cells.
The arginine content of Conquest-V6® is very high as compared to other proteins. The richness in arginine participates to the supply of NO to the body (improved vasodilatation). Arginine also contributes to wound healing and enhanced immune responses. it is required in muscle metabolism – maintaining the nitrogen balance, and helping with weight control since it facilitates the increase of muscle mass, while reducing body fat. Especially strength and power athletes will benefit from having a high lean body (muscles) mass / low fat mass.
The proteins in Conquest-V6® have a biological value of 79% and a Net Protein Utilisation of 71% (for comparison, the BV of Total Milk Protein is 80%!).
Low fat and low sugar, lactose-free, allergen free:
Yellow pea protein has the advantage not being accompanied by fat or cholesterol compared to several animal proteins. The product also is free of sugars and especially the absence of lactose makes Conquest-V6® to a first choice product for those athletes suffering from lactose intolerance.
Conquest-V6® has a particularly low allergen potential since most know and reputed allergen-factors are not present. The product is free from gluten, animal proteins, milk derivatives, nuts, soy and wheat proteins.
Conquest-V6® perfectly suits to most diets. The product suits to coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and is Kosher and Halal approved.
2Kg      SERVING SIZE: 30g      NO OF SERVINGS: 66
Take serving of 30 g per day, dissolving the powder into about 200 ml skimmed milk or water and mixing well to obtain a smooth drink.

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